About us

The Fifth Dimension Collective was founded in Chicago, Illinois in October 2013 by Kyle Garcia, Stephen Lexby, Arman Valentin, Jarred Garcia, Mark Lexby, and Darian Garcia. Originally formed as a space for people to pursue their passions, The FDC rapidly grew into one of the most successful promotional companies for artists, events and releases. We have created and promoted a wide range of events from food trucks to full concerts featuring Chicago’s top acts as well as promoting smaller events that showcase some of the nations best producers.

Never straying from our original purpose of empowering creatives, we’ve found our members spread across the city participating in various networks and disciplines. This network coupled with our social media and street team is what make our events some of the best in the city. For now we plan to keep growing, allowing us to activate as many artists, entrepreneurs, activists, athletes, etc as we possibly can in hopes to bring more and more joy to the city and eventually the world.